About Me

My name is Klara Kristin and I come from a danish family that has lived in Paris since the 60’s. Some people know me from the fashion scene, others from the jazz scene, and last and least some know me as an actress in Love (2015)

Klara Kristin sleeping in coffee cup

 Photo Magnus Bach

I’ve never really dreamed about being an actress, taking the role in Gaspar Noe’s movie was more driven by a motivation for his aesthetics and his goal. And of course it was fun to try to be a real actress, what a glam! The film opened doors for me, to become a model. I job that I absolute love and that has taught me so much more than just playing pretty. It also have made it possible for me to release the album Lullaby & Drum Machine independently. A great luxury to be able to do exactly what I want. 

Lullaby & Drum Machine was a “style study”. I’m now ready to release my own songs and it has already started with “Tsunami” and “Tiramisu”. My mother language is Danish, so I very often question myself why I tend to write in either English or French. But as I haven't spend much time in Denmark the last 5 years, it might be the explanation. Maybe one day I’ll write songs in Danish. Now I just bought a house on the countryside Falster, Denmark. Wonder what effect it will have on my music…Before that I will release many of the songs I have composed the last couple of years while living in Paris. And one thing is sure, I like to be a shapeshifter to the unknown. It keeps me alive ! So keep tuned for metamorphosis.

My EP "Tiramusi for Two" will be out Friday, February 23, 2023

The EP "Tiramisu for Two" is a portrayal of four different dimensions of love in the relationship. The song “Tsunami” describes the breathtaking uncontrollable infatuation with another person. More precisely, the moment when you can’t let go of your feelings, because you don’t know if the crush is mutual. The song expresses the vulnerability and uncertainty you can feel. The song “Tiramisu” takes it a step further and describes the first period in the relationship, which is juicy and sexy. In that period, you hardly do anything else than have sex. The song takes you very close. The cover song “Love Isn’t A Right” takes the listener further from the first phase in the relationship to the longer-lasting relation, which places greater demands on the individuals. Through Molly Drake’s lyrics, we learn to love the other’s freedom. The EP ends with the break-up song “Dans le jardin en août”. Here, the beautiful memories from the relationship are described, which makes the song heartbreaking to hear, because you know it’s over.

All the songs are produced by Jonathan Bremer, best known from Bremer/McCoy and guitarist & composer Johannes Wamberg. All lyrics (except Molly’s) are written by Klara Kristin.

The EP "Tiramisu for Two" is a conclusion to a wonderful collaboration between me, Jonathan Bremer & Johannes Wamberg.


Photo Henrik Bulow Styling Camilla Larsson