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Inside Klara Kristin's Montreuil House

  Interviewd by Vogue France, I take you guys inside my house in Montreuil and some of the most meaningful pieces in it. I had started singing and performing since I was 2 years old but have left that passion of mine aside since I was 13 until I decided to get back to it 2 years ago. When asked about my style, it’s hard to answer because that really depends on my mood. I could be feeling a very feminine look or a very tomboyish look, there’s no in between. I also talk about how my first fashion experience was like and how I got into my modelling career, how I started my music career and my new upcoming album Read...

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Klara Kristin’s unusual journey teaches us the beauty in letting go of control

Mastering one artform alone takes skill, but so far Klara Kristin has enjoyed critical success in at least 3 different creative worlds. Or is it 4? We’ve lost count… She inhabits each environment she finds herself in so naturally, it’s as if she’s done nothing but that one thing her whole life. Read on to learn more about the Paris-based Danish actress / model / painter / pianist / chameleon on her new journey into music   You strike me as a highly observant person who really connects to your surroundings. Where do you find beauty, or moments of beauty, in your everyday life?  Wow, what a big question to start with! It’s important to me to find my own version...

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Klara Kristin, Fashion It Girl, Debuts Her Single “Come Back to Me and Bite” With Vogue

Klara Kristin is a blonde, blue-eyed Dane with serious indie cred of the sort Jay McInerney once rhapsodized when profiling Chloë Sevigny in The New Yorker circa 1994. In other words, Kristin is an It girl, though it’s hard to pin down of what species this self-described “free bird” is. Read the full article:

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