Klara Kristin’s unusual journey teaches us the beauty in letting go of control

Mastering one artform alone takes skill.. But so far Klara Kristin has enjoyed critical success in at least 3 different creative worlds. Or is it 4? We’ve lost count… She inhabits each environment she finds herself in so naturally, it’s as if she’s done nothing but that one thing her whole life. Read on to learn more about the Paris-based Danish actress / model / pianist on her new journey into music..


You strike me as a highly observant person who really connects to your surroundings. Where do you find beauty, or moments of beauty, in your everyday life? 

Wow, what a big question to start with! It’s important to me to find my own version of beauty in the quiet moments. Watching the seasons change. Something as simple as opening my windows, letting the fresh air into my apartment and breathing it in. Washing my face or even just drinking a glass of water. That’s where I find beauty, in simplicity.

You’re at the center of several industries that are all infatuated with a certain type of beauty for a fleeting moment; and then quickly move on to the next thing. How do you ground yourself while operating in these spaces? 

I always focus on staying true to who I am and who I was before this crazy ride started. I’m surrounded by so many amazing new people in my career now, but they may not all be there when my moment is gone. So it’s critical to keep what’s important to me very close. I went into this whole thing not knowing much about the worlds I was going to be navigating.

I quickly learned to play along with “the game” so to speak. All the things that were unfamiliar to me before; the dinners at incredible restaurants, traveling around the world, beautiful hotels and all those things – they are a part of me now. I embrace and enjoy them so much but I also realize it isn't permanent and that I shouldn't get too attached. 

Nevertheless, I am always present and thankful for what I’m engaged in and what I am doing. I remind myself of the things that are actually important when I am not the one in the spotlight. To be close to my family, to have an apartment where I can feel at home and recharge, connecting with my old friends, hanging out with my aunt, and talking to my family are all things that I feel keep me down to earth.

Now, I have my music, and no one can take that away from me. Nobody is going to stop me from sitting down at the piano and writing a song about something I want to say. That has changed my life.  Having that has made me another person.

A string of happy accidents has led you to where you are now, with different balls in the air. It’s an interesting journey, can you sum up how you ended up where you are ? 

It’s really quite strange; the thing I feel I was meant to do has always been right in front of me; I just couldn’t see it. I’m basically at a place right now where I’m trying to convince myself that all the detours it took to get to the music were very lucky. All my experiences are part of what I use in my work now and the detours are what inspire my lyrics. My life is really where it is because of pure coincidence, which is weird since my ego tries to control everything.

When I was younger, I felt like it wasn’t acceptable to not have an answer when someone asks you what you want to do in life, so I tried to plan everything out. I had a tendency to really focus on one strict way of achieving what I wanted, to work towards an extremely focused goal. But I’ve learned I always have a big break when I release control and just go with the flow. At some point when I’ve had enough, when it seems like it’s not happening and I almost give up – that’s when the big thing happens.

It’s been a long trip to accept that it’s okay to not have all the answers, it’s okay to not know what you want to do sometimes… I am trying to let go and live my life more openly – that’s when the magic happens for me.


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