About Me

My name is Klara Kristin and I’m a 29 year old Danish singer and model coming from a family that has been involved in the art world for a while. I have been living between Copenhagen & Paris and travelled around the world to make beautiful memories, even lived in New York & Morocco for a bit! 


Klara Kristin sleeping in coffee cup


My career started out while assisting a French artist. I met Gaspar Noé and further on got cast in his movie “Love” which has aired in 52 countries and is about romance & being inside your own head.

After having moved from Denmark to Paris, memorising French songs was my way of learning the language. I posted a video on instagram singing with a relative which led to being contacted by different producers. That’s where I ended up working with one of them to produce my album. I really wanted to learn the process of working with instruments, and to explore and build my skills as a musician. I knew that I was interested in more than just creating a song, so when my producer proposed that we do a whole album of french covers, it felt perfect for me.

With the help of my two producers Jonathan Bremer and Johannes Wamberg, We ended up creating my album “Lullaby & Drum Machine” which is a handfuld of songs re-arranged and live-recorded in Copenhagen and Paris. The record is an invitation to travel into a few of the most iconic decades of the last century, an hommage to jazz, bossa nova, and French yé-yé with “Saint-Tropez” being the biggest hit of all, reaching over 300.000 listeners. It consists of 2 parts, one that is a relaxing accoustic journey made of ballads and melancholic velvety melodies; and the other boasts a groovier vibe, upbeat, twist-worthy 60s French songs. 

My first original song “Tsunami” is about being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable unexpected feeling of falling in love. The song takes you through a journey of these feelings; the audio is dreamy and the lyrics are flirty in a folky-music kind of way, and is produced by Jonathan Bremer from the well known duo Bremer/McCoy. “Tsunami” going to be the opener for many more to come..